Like a lot of good stories, this one starts with Love 

Weddingly story

In 2015, Weddingly co-founder Martin got engaged to his girlfriend and they started planning a wedding party…

80 guests were planned and 10 different service providers were needed: a venue, a master of ceremonies, a caterer, a wedding cake, a band, a DJ, a photographer, a videographer, a MUA and a florist.

The tricky part was that in 10 categories, they chose approx. 10 service providers in each category to check availability and ask price. A total of 100 service providers.

Some of them were communicated by email, some on Facebook, some on Instagram, some on WhatsApp. Then meetings, video calls, phone calls and so on. It swallowed every free moment for the next six months.

What made it even more complicated was that the first inquiry often did not lead to a quote but to the next question.

And, of course, all this had to be done twice, because the partner also wants to know the progress in the meantime and vice versa…

“There must be others just like us…”

Why is there no Airbnb for wedding services? Wedding websites should be a lot more than just a random profiles and an email form.

A modern wedding website should map out the couple’s plans in detail in a way like couple speaks with a wedding planner. Suggest the right venues and vendors to match the couple’s vision. Then ask for availability and a quote with one click. Also collect quotes into the user account to keep the mailbox clean and personal data private. Why not in-app chat with vendors and digital agreements with your chosen venue and vendors.

“There must be others just like us…”

The founding team

Hearing about Martin’s challenges, great technical engineers Rene and Margus agreed that finding and booking the right venue and vendors should be a lot easier nowadays. In 2017, the platform was introduced in Estonia.

Weddingly expanded in the U.S. in 2020 summer and the goal is to bring a revolution in the wedding industry to US couples as well. New York is already opened and soon Weddingly will be available in all states.

And this is just a beginning of the story called Weddingly.