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Booking your entire wedding team won’t get any easier. Meet the world’s first actual booking platform for wedding services.

Currently available for weddings in New York, Florida and California.

A new way for arranging your perfect day

Create a free account to get personalized quotes and find out the availability of thousands of professional vendors in the U.S. Discuss details via live chat and book vendors directly on Weddingly.

This is how it works


Find your favorite vendors

Smart AI technology analyzes your vision of your wedding and suggests vendors and venues from whom you could ask for a quote.


Quotes with one click

Ask quotes with one click. Shortly after, you’ll receive a quote from the vendor directly to your Weddingly account.


Discuss details

Discuss quote details in a Weddingly live chat or meet your vendors.


Digital agreements

Confirm agreements with your vendors and enjoy a sense of security that has never existed before in this space. All agreements and prepayments overview are in one place together.

„Weddingly is an easy, fun, and secure way to find and book your venue and vendors. It will guide you step by step on how to book your venue and vendors in the right order to avoid all the unnecessary stress with quotes, follow-ups, prepayments and vendor agreements.”

Martin Aigro Co-founder & CEO @ Weddingly


Find your favorite vendors, ask for quotes and compare them, discuss details and manage all your wedding bookings from one place.


See how Weddingly can help you reach new couples and save costs. No joining fees, no subscriptions, no monthly or annual fees.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to organize your DIY weddings or maybe looking for that last vendor just before the big day. Weddingly smart AI technology makes planning a wedding day easy and fun and sets a whole new standard in how easy it is to ask wedding vendors for a quote, managing wedding agreements and have an overview of pre-payments.

Weddingly is also helpful if you use the help of a professional wedding planner, as she will definitely like when you use Weddingly to book venue and vendors and her help with all the other details and wedding day supervision (psst, it will also save you thousands of dollars in planner fees).

Through Weddingly you can find and book professional vendors and venues in the following categories: